How to Stay Connected with People When Social Distancing

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Posted on August 17 2020

How to Stay Connected with People When Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has made socialising with our friends, family and loved ones a challenge, throwing many obstacles in our way that, over the months, we have had to learn to overcome. Though the restrictions have been for longer than most people expected, the best parts of life are not measured with time, they are measured in moments. When we think of the time we have spent apart, social distancing, to show each other we care for one another by staying away in our own bubbles, we think of the weddings that got cancelled, the new babies we are yet to meet and how to say ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ and ‘I’m thinking of you’ from so far away. As gift connoisseurs of many years, we live for the sentimental stuff and have come up with a few ideas. Here’s how to stay connected with people when social distancing.

Family Get Togethers

How many roast dinners or BBQ garden parties have you missed now? The new way to get all the family together, including our highest risk groups and more senior loved ones, is to go digital. Digital family get togethers allow everybody the privilege of seeing each other’s faces and immediate reactions, without putting anyone at risk. Keep the digital get togethers fun with

  • Pub quizzes
  • Digital games
  • Costume competitions
  • Show and tell sessions

Gift Hampers and Digital Showers

If it weren’t for ‘the new normal’, we’d have gone to plenty baby showers, engagement parties and to meet the new babies by now! It can be upsetting and isolating for friends and family to forgo these special times together to celebrate – so it’s important to keep celebrating and let them know you’re thinking of them in other ways! For new babies, send a baby shower hamper packed with all the useful things mum, dad and baby will need to put their best foot forward. Send a friend or family member flowers to celebrate a new chapter of life. Struggling to find the right gift for the occasion? Nothing says it best like a personalised message!

Bring the Outdoors In

Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone who is doing their part by staying at home wherever possible to limit the spread. It can be especially hard when you’re wanting a change of scenery – and we all know that plants and spending time in nature can positively impact our mental health. So why not bring the outdoors in? Our plants and cacti have been immensely popular for delivery to those who need a little bit of greenery in the scenery!

Brighten someone’s day and be there for them without being there with them with a thoughtful gift or flower delivery. There has never been a better time than now to connect and spoil our loved ones!

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