Your Own Unique Gift Hamper

Add a Gift Message

Need to add a gift message?

 Just tick the gift message box and write your message in the gift message box in your basket.

 This will ensure your personalised message will be with item(s) and no invoice or knowledge of the amount paid will be seen by the recipient.

Select 'Make Hamper'

When you have chosen everything you would like in the hamper, go to your basket page and make sure the 'Make my basket a Hamper' box is selected.

 You also have the option to add a gift message with your hamper.

 (Recommended for 4+ items)

Based on the number of items and their sizes we will pick the best hamper basket to fit and have the best presentation from our hamper basket selection.

Let Us Do The Rest

Go through the checkout process and complete your order.

 Once the order comes through to us we will gift pack all your chosen items into a hamper and send to your specified address from checkout.

 A Perfect unique gift for someone special!

Between 1-4 items? Have it Gift Boxed!

Everyone loves to open a gift! It means a lot more when it's gift boxed and gift items chosen by you.

 Just select 'Gift Boxed' in the drop down menu in your basket. Ordering several Items?

We'll gift box them altogether!

 (Recommended for 1-4 items depending on size)

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