PERSONALISED Hand Tied Box & 12 Luxury Red Roses Bouquet - Dozen Red Roses


Surprise your loved one with our PERSONALISED Hand Tied Box filled with 12 gorgeous Luxury Red Roses. Perfect for any occasion, this bouquet is sure to make a lasting impression. With a unique touch, our personalised gift box adds an extra charm to this Dozen Red Roses bouquet. (Love, romance, and a sprinkle of quirkiness included!)

A Dozen Red Rose Bouquet arranged with a selection of greenery and packaged in red cellophane. , The perfect gift for valentines, an anniversary, birthday or apology. , A beautiful bouquet of 12 red roses nestled in greenery.

Our florists choose The freshest flowers to ensure your flowers will stay beautiful for longer. All flowers arrive in bud for maximum freshness and longevity, flowers can take a few days to open as shown in our images.

Flowers Made by Us and Delivered by Us - No Interlay service used, so you know the quality of flowers and arragenements you receive with no extra fees. Need some help? Please contact us directly by email or phone and our dedicated florists will do there best to assist you.

Send as a gift, arrives with a matching card and your personal message hand written by our florists (no invoice will be sent) If no message is left at check out we will include a blank card for you to write yourself.

Product Description

Discover the perfect way to express your heartfelt sentiments with our exclusive collection of flower bouquets, each thoughtfully nestled in a beautifully crafted kraft flower box.

Handmade with precision and care by our experienced florists, our preset designs, including 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy Anniversary', and more, are designed to cater to every occasion, making your gift truly memorable.

Add a personal touch by customizing the box with to and from names, ensuring your bouquet stands out as a personal and thoughtful gesture.

Crafted with love, each bouquet is a testament to elegance, personal expression, and the unmatched skill of our florists, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

A Perfect Gift

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each bouquet is handcrafted by our experienced florists, ensuring unmatched quality and beauty.

Personalized Kraft Flower Box: Elevate your bouquet with a box personalized with names and special messages, showcasing the artisanal touch.

Preset Occasion Designs: Select from beautifully curated designs for significant occasions, making your gift both relevant and touching.

Meticulous Attention to Detail: From the selection of blooms to the personalized kraft box, every detail reflects the skill and dedication of our florists.

Memorable Gift Option: A gift that combines artisanal beauty, personalization, and emotional value, perfect for any memorable occasion.


Nature loves a surprise! Sometimes, our flower colors vary or we creatively swap a stem or two, guaranteeing your bouquet always looks its blooming best.

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Expertly hand-arranged by our Florists and delivered right to your doorstep, our bouquets come in packaging that’s 100% recyclable and compostable


Tracked Royal Mail service ensure a safe and secure delivery.


Turn the kraft flower box into your personal canvas to convey heartfelt messages to the recipient, creating an unparalleled and memorable gift!

Frequently Asked Question

Happiness Guaranteed!

We aim to make sending and receiving our gifts an amazing experience. So if something isn’t 100% perfect, our Customer Service team will always go the extra distance to make it right.


Personalise Yours completely!

Dive into user friendly app and create your own kraft box that holds our florist-crafted bouquets.

This isn’t just about flowers—it’s about making that box unique and personal.

It’s your canvas, after all! Perfect for those who love to sprinkle a little extra ‘you’ on their gifts. Make a unique flower extra special and the perfect gift!


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